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We've had an incredibly exciting year here at The Tabula Rasa Record Company, and we thank you for joining us on this ride. Here are all of the albums we've released throughout 2021. We also encourage you to visit the MUSIC page to listen to all the incredible singles, EP's and remixes we've released over this past year, as well as the rest of our catalogue from years previous. 


Viridescent by Ghost Forest

Our first album of the year, Viridescent, by Ghost Forest is a contemplative and thoughtfully crafted journey in sound. The work of Iain Buchanan expertly brings together soaring synthesizers, delicate moments of meditative peace and intricate, exciting percussion. 

Artifice by Kinoteki

At times introspective and melancholic and at others intense and exciting. Kinoteki applies a wide range of skills and exquisite taste to produce this quintessential dance record. Artifice is a beautifully crafted album showcasing a full range of what is possible in electronic music.


Nature System by RamonPang

We were blessed this year with not only the standard version of this beautiful, experimental and all the while, highly dance floor friendly, self-portrait of an album, but an "Augmented Edition," as well. Four Tet has described RamonPang's work as "taking ideas to a more deep, cosmic level," and this debut album is this depth distilled via the careful and deliberate synthesis of the organic and the digital.

In the Depths by Sidewalk Boy

While not technically an album, this dark and more ambient project from the Philadelphia based, audio/ visual artist, Sidewalk Boy explores that which is hidden - From creatures that roam in the depths of our oceans, to the aspects of ourselves buried deep within in the subconscious. 

in the depths cover.jpg

kehai by NRV

An album that was just what all of us needed during the more chaotic moments of 2021, was "kehai," the first ambient/drone album by the multi-talented Manabu Ito. The word "kehai", is a Japanese word meaning "sign" or "indication.” This ambient work is a meditation on the signs of the past year, capturing the sense of peace that nature brings with sound. This album has also received official support from The Sendai City Cultural Foundation. 

Heroes' Lament by Gene GMGY

This endlessly expressive, and classically structured debut album by Gene Paolo Gumagay, is inspired by the archetype of the ‘hero.’ This fully instrumental, genre hopping album explores the notion that heroes too need love & support for all that they face. 

GENE GMGY - Heroes' Lament - Cover.png

EFYL by Kelbin

A much anticipated album by the 18 year old Italian producer, Kelbin, EFYL is a gorgeous and expansive, experimental electronic album filled with feeling and defined by exploration. Described in a review by The Wonky Angle, as "fantastic," of a quality one would expect from a much more high profile artist,  and sonically as big, epic and melodic. All descriptors which which we very much agree. 

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